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Big Bear Historical Museum

People have lived in the Big Bear Valley for hundreds of years and have enjoyed the same vistas and wildlife. Our cabin rentals have become part of the history of this fantastic place. You can still enjoy lots of the wilderness, nature, and more when visiting. One of our visitors’ favorite places to enjoy is the Big Bear Historical Museum. Big Bear is well known for its beautiful lake views and slopes. When you look closely, you’ll also find a rich history of filmmaking, sports, cultures, and landmarks. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some things you’ll find at the Big Bear Historical Museum and fascinating things to look for on your next visit.

Early History

Big Bear’s earliest inhabitants include the Serrano Indians and later American settlers who came during the gold rush when people came from the east in search of land and gold. You can imagine the era filled with cowboys, ranchers, logging, and other outdoor sports and activities. Big Bear was also a central part of Hollywood’s earliest films. It was the backdrop to films like “Gone With The Wind” and more. Newer films like “The Last of the Mohicans” and “The Parent Trap” are also featured in this historic place. When you visit Big Bear’s Historical Museum, you’ll find photos, exhibits, and tours that take you around the history. You’ll gain a new perspective of all the sights and sounds you’re surrounded by and can put yourself in the shoes of the people before you.


Big Bear offers many beautiful views and scenery to enjoy. Once you’re done with your hiking and have enjoyed some fine dining in the area, you can take a trip to see the various landmarks all around Big Bear. Among the landmarks that you’ll see while here, you can enjoy the Big Bear Solar Observatory, some iconic homes built in the late 1800s, and other landmarks from Big Bear’s history. The museum and the Big Bear historical society offer tours and guides for you to enjoy the most of the history of Big Bear.

The Museum’s Exhibits

The museum features a variety of exhibits and displays that chronicle the history of Big Bear Valley. The museum is open from memorial day in May through the first weekend in September, Labor Day, and offers guided tours. The museum is housed in the historic Cienega Largo Log Cabin, which was donated to the Society in the late 1970s. The museum’s exhibits include such displays as Indian artifacts, pioneer life, ranching, mining, and logging equipment, guns and hunting trophies, photography, old postcards, and more. There are also family-friendly activities like storytelling sessions with local historians. The museum updates its exhibits and information to inform visitors every year of the area’s great history.

Learn a lot more about the town of Big Bear, including its history and stories, when you visit our museum. And if you’re ready to book your stay in the area, we can help you with that too. At Big Bear Cabin Rentals, we make it easy to plan an unforgettable vacation by the lake or in beautiful mountain cabins. Our friendly staff will be able to answer any questions you have.