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Big Bear Off Roading

Exploring the Wild Side: A Guide to Big Bear Off Roading

Big Bear off-roading is an incredibly exciting, thrilling, and rewarding activity that offers visitors to the area a whole new way to explore and experience the incredible landscapes. With its stunning vistas, meandering trails, vast expanses of untouched wilderness, and abundant wildlife, Big Bear is a paradise for off-road enthusiasts of all kinds. If you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time off-roader, Big Bear has something to offer you to explore the wild side of life. Read on for more information about off roading in Big Bear!

Off-Road Experiences for Beginners

Gold Fever Trail is perfect for those who are just getting started in the off-roading world, then you can progress into Polique Canyon. Before embarking on any trail in this area, we recommend informing yourself of all applicable local laws and even give the ranger station a call if possible – safety first! Ranger Station: (909) 382-2790

Gold Fever Trail Specs and Historical Sights to See:

  • 18 – 20 mile round trip
  • High-clearance 4×4 needed
  • Last Chance Placer – mining pit
  • Two-Gun Bills Saloon – remnants of an old cabin
  • Gold Ore Grinder
  • Ross Grave

More info:

Advanced John Bull Off-Road Trail

First, do not attempt this trail unless you’re very experienced and have some serious off-roading 4×4 machines. It’s not abnormal to get stuck on this trail, we see it all the time. This trail has incredible rock garden challenges, consistent mud, lose gravel, and amazing views. You will get on 3-wheels on this trail for sure.

John Bull Tail Specs:

  • 15+mile
  • 1,800 ft elevation
  • 6+ hours to complete
  • High-clearance 4×4 needed

Watch this video to put the trail in perspective as it pertains to your skill level:

Big Bear Off-Road Tours

For visitors who don’t have their own vehicle for off-roading, Big Bear has a wide variety of tour options available to suit everyone from the beginner to the experienced enthusiast. You can tour in rugged little buggies and UTVs to powerful Jeeps, there’s a tour option to fit every off-roading style. Below are the different off-road tour operators in Big Bear:

Betty’s Buggies

Betty’s Buggies is a fun little rental company that offers modified dune buggies with powerful VW engines to tour Big Bear’s goldmine area. What is actually kind of fun about this company is that it lets you choose the dune buggie of your choice. Each buggie has it’s own color scheme, personality, and seating configuration (2 – 4 seats). You get to tour with an experienced guide and talk to each other via radio. Super fun!

Phone: (424) 877-1187

Address: 1130 Mahogony ln Big Bear City, California 92314

Big Bear Off-Road Experience, Inc.

This tour company is meant for the daredevil in you! You can tour Heartbreak Ridge in a super fast Can-Am X3 and enjoy over 3 hours of ride-time. If you’re an off-road enthusiast, this

Phone: (909) 420-5828

Address: 42011 Big Bear Blvd Big Bear Lake, California 92315

What to Bring on Your Off-Road Trip

When embarking on your Big Bear off-road journey, it is essential to bring items that will ensure comfort and safety. Depending on where you are going, if you’re on a tour or not, and how long the trip will last, it is wise to bring a few changes of clothes and enough food for the duration of the trip. If you’re not going on a tour, always make sure to have a first aid kit on hand just in case of any bumps or scrapes, as well as some extra cash for any unforeseen stops or purchases along the way. Furthermore, be sure to pack navigation materials such as maps and GPS units to help you get from point A to B safely and accurately. These items may seem unimportant at first, but they are fundamental components of an enjoyable excursion into Big Bear beyond the paved highways.